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Oct 28th, 2010 by Christmas Lights | 0

Do you love to read? I do and finding cheap books on the internet allows me to indulge in my favorite hobby without spending a lot of money. There are many book stores and dealers on line that sell cheap books on every topic that you can think of. Personally, I love great fiction so I’m always looking for good deals on the latest fictions titles. You can also find cheap books in non-fiction, fantasy, science fiction, horror, mystery, and more.

There are literally tons of reasons to buy cheap books instead of buying them full price. If you’re a reader like I am, think about all the money you spend on books. If you buy even two new books a month at the minimum of $10 each for 12 months, that’s a bare minimum cost of $240 a year! That doesn’t sound like very much until you think of all the other things you could do with that money if you were buying cheap books instead of paying retail. For instance, at the end of the year, you could buy your children the Christmas presents they really want instead of the ones you got on sale at the discount store. Or, you could reward your self with a day at the spa. Or you could get that cool new tool you saw at the hardware store that is a pure luxury. Buying cheap books is a great way to get the other things you want in your life and still indulge in reading your favorite books.

When I was a student I hated buying books at the bookstore. For one, you had to get the list and search all over the store to find the very last copy of the book you absolutely must have for that “easy” arts course. Then when you find it, you find out that there isn’t enough money left in the bank account to pay for it! The good news is that cheap books can often include textbooks! Why buy them full price when you know that you’re only going to use them for a short time? When you buy cheap books for all your classes the savings can go towards those little luxuries that students often can’t afford like lunch, decent coffee (because we know all students need their caffeine intake!), and the occasional night out on the town.

Cheap books are for everyone – single people, parents, young adults, students, and seniors. Everyone wants to save some money and everyone can think of a few things they’d like to spend that money on. So start buying cheap books now and get more of the things you want, for less.

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